Bob Geibel

2019 Alumnus of the Year


At the Catholic Schools Week Alumni Mass on February 2, Bob was named 2019 Alumni of the Year.

He is pictured with: (left) Fr. Matt; (center) members of his family; (right) wife, Joyce.

Bob attended St. Wendelin School for eight years, from 1957-1965.

He has made many, many contributions to the School and Parish over the years, including:

PTG Board Member

Bible Study Group Leader

Pastoral Council Member

Church League Volleyball Coach

CCD Teacher

Eucharistic Minister

Turkey Dinner Chairperson

Pittsburgh Diocese "Manifesting the Kingdom" Recipient

Offertory Counter

Knights of Columbus Officer 

Maintenance Volunteer at the School and Parish

Parish Hall Floor Curator!!!!!

Congratulations and Thank You, Bob!