Alumni Spotlight 

St. Wendelin School Alumni of the Year 2017
 Sis (Madeline) Neff, Don Weiland,

and  Ginny (Virginia) Bergbigler

2017 Alumni Mass and Celebration
St. Wendelin School Alumni of the Year 2017 are:

Sis (Madeline) Neff, Ginny (Virginia) Bergbigler, and

Don Weiland. They were honored at an Alumni Mass on February 4, 2017, at the conclusion of Catholic Schools Week. The Alumni, all siblings, attended St. Wendelin School for grades 1-8, along with their six siblings, Leo, Dave, Joanne, Tom, Gabby (Frances), and Rob. They attended through the 1930s and early 1940s. Other alumni participating in the closing CSW Mass: Brenda Wolfe - 1969; Lou Green - 1958; Dick Sanderson - 1966; Mary (Geibel) Grenet - 1976; Ruth Ann (Stephenson) Nebel - 1952; Breanna Tomsey - 2014; Maria Pascazi - 2016; Conner Schaffner - 2015; Tanner Schaffner - 2013; Brandon Hesidence - 2013; Karen Mitch - 1963; Bob Stephenson - 1954; Russ Baptiste -1965; Larry Neff - 1964; John (Jack) Weiland - 1970; Brian Hesidence - 1981; James (Jim) Young - 1971; Carol (Neff) Tomasovic - 1970; Amy Mitch - 2008; Adam Voelker - 2011; Hunter Schaffner - 2010; Tyler Markilinski - 2010; and Cody Reddick - 2015. 

                   Fun Facts from the good old days when 
                 Sis, Ginny, and Don were at St. Wendelin!
~ Grades 1-4 shared a room in the downstairs
~ Grades 5-8 shared a room upstairs
~ There were no steps between upstairs and downstairs so to get a message from one room to the other required sending a student outside and around the building.
~ There were no school buses. Students walked to and from school from Old East Butler Road. Their route took them through the woods and a large field.  
~ As today, all students know each other; however, all teachers were nuns.

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