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Saint Wendelin School is perfect for children to develop a strong academic career. The classes are small; therefore, allowing students to receive individual attention and allowing them to grasp the classroom material easier. The teachers at St. Wendelin School are wonderful. If a teacher remains at a school
for many years while receiving much less money then their public school counterparts; you can pretty much assume they became teachers for the love of teaching. Because of the smaller classes; teachers are able to acknowledge whether a student is struggling or is over achieving at his/her class work quicker. Therefore, getting that child his/her assistance quicker and not allowing that child to fall behind or become bored. The small school allows for the families to know each other and to work together
easier to allow the students to succeed.
—Submitted by a parent   

This is a very good school that hires caring and professional teachers. The classes are small
so that students receive a lot of attention and all the students tend to know each other
throughout all the grade levels. 
—Submitted by a parent