Catholic Identity Virtues and Values Program

ABOUT: An initiative from the Diocese is the Catholic Identity Program. 


The focus is on 52 virtues and values -- one for every week of the year -- with downloads that include short lessons, homily hints, prayers, Scripture references, and more.

Each virtue and value promotes Catholic Identity so that young disciples follow Jesus Christ. 


This week's Virtue & Value: June 21, 2020


                                                                   This week’s virtue is


Faith is a gift from God that enables us to believe in Him 

and accept all that He has revealed.


"Real faith, faith which inspires all one’s actions, 
faith in the supernatural 
which strips the world of its mask and

reveals God in all things; which abolishes 
the notion of ‘impossible’ and empties the words ‘anxiety,’ ‘danger,’ and ‘fear’ of their meaning;

which gives life calm, peace, deep joy,

like a child holding its mother’s hand; 
which detaches the soul so completely from earthly things 
by showing up their total lack of importance and their 
childishness; which bestows such confidence in prayer, 
the confidence of a child asking its father

for something useful;

the faith which shows that ‘apart from doing what is 
agreeable to God, everything is vanity’…

oh, how rare that is! 
My God, give me real faith! My God,

I believe, help the little faith I have!”  

~ Blessed Charles de Foucauld ~


The Vatican recently announced that Pope Francis

has advanced the sainthood causes of 14 men and women,

including Blessed Charles de Foucauld, a French missionary.

De Foucauld, also known as Brother Charles of Jesus,

was a soldier, explorer, Catholic revert, priest, hermit,

and religious brother, who served among

the Tuareg people in Algeria. 
He was assassinated at his hermitage

in the Sahara Desert in December, 1916.

The following saying is attributed to him:

“As soon as I believed in God, I understood that

I could not do otherwise than to live for him alone.”