Catholic Identity Virtues and Values Program

ABOUT: An initiative from the Diocese is the Catholic Identity Program. 


The focus is on 52 virtues and values -- one for every week of the year -- with downloads that include short lessons, homily hints, prayers, Scripture references, and more.

Each virtue and value promotes Catholic Identity so that young disciples follow Jesus Christ. 


This week's Virtue & Value: March 29, 2020


                                                                   This week’s virtue is


Gratitude is showing appreciation and being thankful for someone or something.


Reflection - Psalm 40:

Gratitude and Prayer for Help

1 A Psalm of David

2 Surely, I wait for the LORD; who bends down to me

and hears my cry,

3 Draws me up from the pit of destruction,

out of the muddy clay,

Sets my feet upon rock, steadies my steps,

4 And puts a new song in my mouth,

a hymn to our God.

Many shall look on in fear and they shall trust in the LORD.

5 Blessed the man who sets his security in the LORD,

who turns not to the arrogant or

to those who stray after falsehood.