Catholic Identity Virtues and Values Program

ABOUT: An initiative from the Diocese is the Catholic Identity Program. 


The focus is on 52 virtues and values -- one for every week of the year -- with downloads that include short lessons, homily hints, prayers, Scripture references, and more.

Each virtue and value promotes Catholic Identity so that young disciples follow Jesus Christ. 


This week's Virtue & Value: November 10, 2019


                                                                This week’s virtue is


Patience is a fruit of the Holy Spirit that gives us the ability to wait with openness and acceptance for God’s guidance.



                                                     Are You

        Both patience and impatience are born from a struggle

               within your will. There are many times in life when

                   your will is drawn by something other than God,

                wanting something that God is not leading you to.

                Patience is a virtue that enables you to step back,

  take a deep breath and redirect your will to that which God alone has chosen for you. Patience is the gift of strength within you to deny your own immediate tendencies in deference to that which the Lord gently speaks to your heart. When you have patience, you are not controlled by the confusion caused through your disordered emotions or untamed feelings and desires. Patience brings order, focus and purpose. And the gift of patience, when it enables you to submit your will to the Divine Will, gives God immeasurable glory. How patient of a person are you? What controls your actions and influences your decisions the most? Are you more controlled by your disordered desires, or by God? Reflect upon this question today and make an act of submission of your will to the Will of God. Making this choice will immediately strengthen you and bring forth the virtue of patience in your soul. 

                                          Lord, I am so very impatient at times. I allow many feelings, emotions

                                                     and passions to control me and to dictate my actions.

                                                                    I surrender my will to You this day.

                                                 May Your Divine Will be done in all things rather than my own.

                                                                                Jesus, I trust in You.